is a web based store where you can buy a large black fake penis which is un-discretely packaged in a clear box and have it shipped as a gift to one of your friends, enemies, or even a complete stranger. We suggest work addresses which can be easily found with a quick google search. The penis parcel will arrive one to three days later via USPS in a clear, see-through package. With a little creativity you can put anyone in one of the most awkward situations of their lives! When shipped to a place of business, it creates the most awkward situation you can put someone in for the dollar.┬áThe look on everyone’s face will be priceless. And no one will ever know it was you that sent it.

Penis Parcel’s major influence comes from similar companies like potato parcel and glitter bomb, though we don’t consider them worthy to even be in the same sentence. All these types of gags use USPS to do their dirty work. just took it to the next level. We will do everything we can to make sure your order get’s processed as quickly as possible and you are 100% satisfied. Check us out on Twitter!